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Jubilee of Trees 2013

The Jubilee of Trees is an event that goes on every year here in St. George where you can browse designer trees, wreaths, and gingerbread houses as well as take your kids to see Santa, play games, and make crafts. All the proceeds of the event benefit our local hospital. We went last year and it has since become a wonderful tradition!

The festival is put on before Thanksgiving because each of the trees are auctioned off for people to display in their homes throughout December. So technically, all of this happened before my previous Thanksgiving post, but I didn't want to post anything Christmas-y before I had even talked about Thanksgiving!

So, we had a great time as usual at the Jubilee this year. When we got there Vincent decided he wanted to see Santa first (of course) but when we got there, there was a long line. So we decided to let the kids do some games & crafts while we waited.

So, first we let the kids play the fishing game, where Eva got a little stuffed panda bear and Vincent got a punch balloon. Whoo!

Then we moved on to decorating cookies

Then we sat down and watched a little bit of some kinda Smurfs X-Mas movie while the kids ate their cookies. Then Vincent wanted to get his face painted, but I knew Eva wouldn't like that so I took her to make some sand art instead.

Eva did a great job!

I wasn't there for Vincent's face painting because I was helping Eva, but apparently this is supposed to be snowflakes? With 5's next to them for some reason? No idea. But he seemed to like it. Anyway, then of course he saw Eva's sand art and absolutely insisted that he should make one too. So back to the sand art we went...

Vincent's turned out great too!

Then finally it was time for the kids to see Santa!

Vincent asked Santa for a "bell like from Polar Express" (awwww), and Eva was too shy to say anything to him, but as soon as I placed her on his lap she immediately started cuddling his fur coat. It was soooo sweet!

Then it was time for looking at trees...

Max & Vincent's favorite tree

Marilyn Monroe tree

My favorite tree - made out of scraps of metal and chicken wire. Totally something I could have seen Max making!

Eva's favorite tree - the Island of Misfit Toys from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Those were only a few of some of the awesome trees we saw there! So cool! Then we looked at gingerbread houses...

Gingerbread lighthouse. Awesome!

Loved the water wheel on this one!

I think this one is supposed to be the North Pole village. Super cute!

Then we looked at wreaths...

Max & Eva walking into the wreath exhibit

Our favorite wreath - the monster wreath from Nightmare Before Christmas!

This one made me giggle, plus it was super cute!

And then we looked at the mini trees...

Peacock mini tree

The Frog Prince mini tree

It was tons of fun! I took quite a lot of pictures actually, but my camera died halfway through and so most of them were taken from my phone, which made most of them turn out blurry - it's hard to hold my phone still while taking pictures when I'm busy chasing 2 kids around lol!

Anyway, that was our Jubilee of Trees experience this year. It was such a great time and we are so looking forward to doing it again next year!

Thanks for stopping by!
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