Monday, May 6, 2013

School's Out!

We have been running around like crazy lately! But it has all paid off. Max is finally finished with his first year of college, and Vincent is finishing up pre-school tomorrow. We are so excited to finally be starting our Summer vacation! And we have lots of cool stuff planned over the break, but that's for another time.

Today we went and saw Vincent's end of year program at his pre-school! They put on a little 15 minute play called "The Three Piggy Opera" and it was super cute. I was actually asked to guest teach today so I got to be there for all of their rehearsing and that was really fun.

Vincent was supposed to play the part of the "straw peddler" and he rehearsed his little song for it all day long. But when the time came to perform this is what happened...

So he ended up being the straw house pig instead. Haha, oh well. Everyone just went with it and it still turned out cute.

Tomorrow is Vincent's last day at pre-school, and I'm a little misty-eyed about it. It seems like only yesterday that I was dropping him off at his first day and got back in the car and cried like a baby. Now my baby's heading into Kindergarten next year. I can hardly believe it.

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