Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eva's 2nd Birthday

Things have been crazy lately! As a result, I have not been updating the blog as regularly as I would normally like, so I apologize for that. So now even though it's been about a month since it happened, I'm going to backtrack and talk about what we did for Eva's birthday!

There's the beautiful birthday girl!! She had so much fun at her birthday party. And so did the rest of us!

We had lots of fun with the decorations:

Had a delicious mashed potato bar:

And all the kids had a blast playing together:

She got some really awesome gifts!:

And there was plenty of cake and ice cream!

And after everyone left, Eva spent the rest of the night coloring with her new coloring book and crayons.

The party was a smashing success. And I can not believe my little girl is 2 years old now! Happy birthday Eva!

The Smiths

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